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Company History

We are not stopping to leap into a global enterprise.

SAVE inc.'s history began in 1988 to concentrate on only global exporting and importing trading business. We've been a specialized trading company for a long time with strong global network.

07 Cooperation Agreement with Vietnam G.I.B.
06 Started import business of disposable gloves exported to Japan (BRAND: EVAS)
05 Launched semi-permanent face tattooing business with MBS company in USA and entered Korea and US market
02 Established China Trading Corporation (Wuxi Walla) and China -> Started GLOBAL direct export system
01 3D hologram exporters / indoor advertising system exporters agreement and entry into the Middle East / Europe market

2016 ~
2016.09 Entry into Vietnam market (for infant supplies and industrial materials) and liaison office (Hanoi)
2014.09 Designated as "Specialized Trading Company" by Korean Government.
2013.03 Launched export business to China for beauty, infant and food
2012.12 Began exporting Hwasung fertilizer to Japan (Large-scale home center)
2011.08 Joint development and supply of OEM foods and nursing care products with the large-scale drug store in Japan
2010.04 Appointed as Council of KOTRA (Korea Trade & Investment Promotion Association)
2009.01 Started to export dental consumables to large dental suppliers in Japan
2008.08 Expansion of China production line for medical and business consumables (CPE GLOVE, MASK, PAPER PRODUCTS)
2008.01 Export of DISPOSABLE EXAM GLOVE to Japan large chain store and expansion of subcontract production line to Malaysia
2006.12 Partnership Contract for Production Line with Jaysun Glove, China.

Exporting Disposable Examination Gloves to Japan (Hospital/Dental/Retail Stores)

2005.07 Awarded KOTRA Prize by Contribution of Export.
2002.07 Established a branch office in China
2001.12 Transition to corporation as Save Co., Ltd.
2001.03 Signed BUYING AGENT with Ishihara Corporation, a major Japanese retailer and wholesaler

Started exporting food and household goods. Supplied about 200 SKU products

2000 ~
1998.05 Established Branch Office in Morocco, Africa.
1997.12 Extended market to Africa, Madagascar with LG TV, SAMSUNG video recorder, Tire etc.
1995.11 Awarded Korean Governmental Prize on Trade Day by Contribution of Export.
1994.12 Contract buying Agent with JAPAN CO., LTD, a large discount store chain store in Japan (150 stores)

Export household goods, food, clothing (made by Korea, China, Southeast Asia)

1994.11 Exports famous brands such as GUCCI, HERMES, C.D. etc., to Japan (Buyers: France, Italy, USA, Hong Kong, Korea)

Continuous supply of about 500 SKU including supply of sporting goods (GOLF, TENNIS supplies)

1991.07 Started to supply GOLF BAG for PR and MERCEDES-BENZ, MITSUBISHI
1990.05 SUNG SAN TRADING CO. Mergers and Acquisitions

Began exporting kitchenware and gift packaging materials to the Middle East

1989.12 Acquired export business for baby products with HANDO TRADING and launched baby products worldwide
1989.11 Established golf bags factory and started exporting golf equipment


1988.11 Establishment of save company (founder: President of CEO Seong-Cheol Lee)

Exports to the US supermarket of baby products, food, household goods, gifts, and construction materials